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Davidic Centre (DC) is a Core Kingdom Community in Congress WBN (C-WBN), the global expression of the Kingdom of God in the earth today. Davidic Centre celebrates a strong Kingdom culture where the values of maturity, character, humility, unity, covernant relationships and shared life dominate its core characteristics. We are Finish oriented where the benefits of the Apostolic grace is prominent and "functional Christlikeness" on every level is the main objective of every operational event. Our journey and processes continue to take us further into the unfolding purposes of the Lord for our community as a representative segment of the entire Body of Christ now residing at the borderlands of earthly existence.


God has called us to be a functional 'centre' to resource church communites within our region. It is for this reason we have a strong focus on building families, young people and children as patterns for sustainable life. Our corporate journey in Christ has been a rich and rewarding experience and we welcome you to share the experience with us.

Congress WBN

C-WBN is a synergy of global initiatives focussed on effecting human, social and national transformation through the propagation of values-based development principles, patterns and approaches.  It is comprised of Sectors of strategic operations involving networks of professional groups, educational institutions, businnesses, churches, individual national leaders and university students.  C-WBN is represented in its operation and activities in every continent and in over 90 nations.


View more: www.congresswbn.org

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Level 1, 28-30 Hopper Street,

Mount Cook, Wellington

Morning Service

Sunday -  9.30am - Midday


Governmental Prayer

Wednesday - 6.00pm - 7.00pm

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