Business Sector

The Business sector propagates new standards for business operations through the impartation of Kingdom business philosophy.  It exists solely to enable and facilitate the implementation and development of the vision and purpose of Davidic Centre. 

With a focus on teaching and mentoring like-minded people, its aim is to seek out those with a desire to partake in the building of ethical business practices.  This requires a constant ‘searching out’ of what constitutes ‘ethical’ in a fast changing and evolving global market, and the forging of new partnerships in the building process.


The Business sector is founded on the belief that there is more to business than business itself - “the bottom line”.  Business is about building people who possess a desire to subscribe to the defined ethical and values-based business principles.  The Business sector therefore operates as a resource pool for the teaching and mentoring of business people, entrepreneurs, and anyone who possesses the natural inclination towards building ethical business practices.