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Engagement Interaction

To: Senior Pastors and Church leaders


The earth has entered into an unprecedented season of crisis in every dimension of human life as was clearly prophesied by the Lord in Luke 21: 25 – 26. There are no answers in the natural systems of the earth and all of its leaders are filled with confusion. Within the Kingdom of God however it is a season of unprecedented Light and Wisdom.


Isaiah spoke of this hundreds of years before Christ was born. He prophesied of a time of darkness in the earth, but at the same time declared that it would be a season of arising light like a new dawn. A time when the Kingdom of God would attract the “nations” of the earth to itself (Isaiah 60:1-3).


Congress WBN has been hosting Church Engagement Seminars in different parts of the world. These are designed to engage leaders of the body of Christ in a time of consideration of where the Church needs to stand in these days of crisis in which we live. Congress WBN will be hosting an Engagement Interaction with the Church Leaders at the Hope Centre, 8 Downer Street, Lower Hutt on Friday 19th May and I extend a special invitation to you to attend.


The Church Engagement Seminars are an expression of the love we have for the general Body of Christ and our deep desire to see all pastors and leaders fully equipped to build successful and powerful churches capable of expressing and representing the purpose and power of the Lord in the tumult of the present age. I am looking forward to seeing you there.









Dr. Noel Woodroffe


President – Congress WBN

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