Impact Group

It represents the impact in the Core (Heart) and affecting all surrounding areas in a person (character, personality, mentalities, etc.) and in a community (families, households, professionals, single parents, etc.)

It also represents the intent for individual growth and also growth in the community groups as a means of our evangelising our core


Key Philosophies:

Inclusive – IG is designed to create an inclusive environment for all those who attend.  This is to create a greater sense of community and brings ‘the solitary in families’ – Psalm 68:6. The philosophy here is “I can’t see myself fully without my brother” – (note:  not gender specific).


Corporate Insight – the aim of coming together in groups is to share our learnings and impacts so all can benefit.  The philosophy here is “Everything I own belongs to you”.


Empowerment – one of the thrusts of IG is that everyone must leave discussions with new sight of self and empowerment to ‘functionalise’ the values.  The philosophy here is “Everyone must feel important”.


Impartation – while IG will be an impartational environment, the key is to make every member competent.  This is so every member can impart life into another and to this end we are enacting our part to be a Sanctuary and be able to reach out to any person within our spheres.  The philosophy here is “Impact IN to Impact OUT”.