Josiah Qalovaki

Josiah Qalovaki is the Founder and Senior Elder of Davidic Centre, a Kingdom Community birthed and based out of Wellington, New Zealand. It was launched at Victoria University in 1997 as Living Waters Breakthrough but evolved into its more accurate expression as a centre of radiation of the Davidic characteristics as a finishing church.

It is a Breakthrough Centre instituted by God to honorably represent God's global move into Oceania and the Pacific region through the disseminating of Apostolic Reformation truth in teaching systems and leadership programs under the mandate of Congress WBN.

Josiah is also the senior elder of Advanced Breakthrough Centre in Fiji, Gateway Solomon Islands in the Solomons and Reformation Resource Centre in Tuvalu.


Josiah, as the Regional Coordinator for Congress WBN in the Oceania and Pacific region, has direct oversight of the Kingdom Community Network and Congress sectoral strategic developments in the region.  


Josiah is married to Kiti and they have two sons.

Ray Nafatali

Ray has been an Associate Elder in the Davidic Centre Kingdom Community since 2001. He is responsible for and has general oversight of all the sectoral developments in DC. He functions powerfully under the senior elder as the manager of the leadership groups and faculitator of all relevant trainings for community health. Ray also provides support and direction to various people groups in Davidic Centre.
Ray’s initial impact into the Apostolic Reformation came through his attendance of the Intensive Apostolic Encounter in Trinidad in 2002. He has been actively involved as part of the Management team of the Global Leadership Interlink (GLI), a sector of Congress WBN. 

Ray is married to Josie and they have a daughter and a son.

Manoj Ranchord

'Manoj has served as an Associate Elder at Davidic Centre since late 2008. Manoj’s current responsibilities at Davidic Centre encompass managing the spiritual transactional environment and Governmental Prayer. He also is responsible in providing oversight and coordination of the Congress Development Initiatives (CDI). In particular, the coordination of the the School of Reformation Studies, a ministry initiative designed to upgrade and recalibrate church leaders for relevant ministry and powerful movement toward The Finish.

Manoj is married to Amreeta and has four kids.