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Dear Pastors,

We are all aware that we are living in an unprecedented time.  Clearly God is speaking to His church about the finalization of His ultimate purposes in the earth and those who have ears to hear, have to hear and obey His voice. These transactions are authorised in the midst of crises and darkness, which ensures that God’s church arise with increasing light and attraction power (Isaiah 60: 12).  Jacob had an experience in a time of earthly crises when God opened the realms to reveal the true reality of an “awesome” church, a gateway of heaven, with angels ascending and descending (divine transactions) along a divine track of authorised earthly activity. A time when accurate responses from the earth harmonises with heaven’s intent. 

Mathew 6:10 “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

There are economic, social, political, ethical and leadership challenges that are shaking organisations, nations, regions and the whole earth. People are searching for solutions and crying out for answers. But this move of God signals the accurate timing of the Church’s rise to dominion in the midst of a fully matured world-system. More than ever there is an urgent need to build strong saints within the Kingdom communities who are committed to advancing the purposes of God and contributing to the indomitable strength of the Body of Christ in these last days. This oneness has to be a global emphasis as we all come to the Unity of the Faith unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  So we must act now!!

Congress WBN, with our global thrust in over 100 nations to Engage the whole Body of Christ, is hosting a “Governmental Prayer” event in the Hutt Valley next Saturday night. We are inviting you and your members to come and join with likeminded saints to pray the Will of God into law in the earth.
















The Governmental Prayer will be held:

Venue:  Naenae College, 910 High St, Avalon, Lower Hutt   

Date:     Saturday, 25th March 2017  

Time:     6.30pm - 8pm.


For inquiries, please contact Finau Hopoi on 021 2667540 or Connor Duffy, on 0220169422.

It is time for a new release of divine energy and grace from God into every dimension of life – personal, family and church.


Josiah Qalovaki

Regional Coordinator Congress WBN


Josiah Qalovaki
Josiah Qalovaki

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Josiah Qalovaki
Josiah Qalovaki

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The last two prayer events have been impacting for me, because I see the power of process and authentic building. I am not aware of what is taking place behind the scene in terms of talking to pastors, organizing logistics, and promoting the events, but every time I have attended the prayer I see the beauty of Community life. The purpose of this is to engage with the wider body of Christ. So, I feel a sense of responsibility, not when I go to the back and help with food preparations or help with MST, but in living a correct and accurate representation of the Kingdom when I am at home, working out how I manage my time and studies etc. It is wonderful to hear the hearts of the people coming through, and people who come from all sorts of backgrounds, but just seeing the sovereignty of God in those moments, makes me realise, I am significant because of Him. I really appreciate and commend the team behind the scenes and their consistent engagement with this initiative, just seeing the fruits and life coming through is so encouraging. 

Asenaca Nadakuitavuki

Student at Victoria University, Wellington

My impacts from the last 2 prayer events have been that of oneness in the heart and mind! In the beginning I was excited to be part of an amazing event in which God will use to bring together his people, although this is still a significant part of my impact, but it now goes deeper than the bringing together of his people, God doesn't want just anyone and everyone, but he is after the hearts of his saints, and so for me that means my heart and mind must be aligned to God, and to be part of this event I need to build sacrificial and obedience postures!! 

Fusi Tagataese

Travel consolidator

Finishing is not about attaining some type of prize, can I achieve things on my own? Yes of course - but walking in the miraculous means I realise the value my brother adds to my life and knowing that I need to be working alongside them in order to fulfil Gods purposes here on earth. 


The God that turned up for me at the prayer events was asking me to check again, don't neglect anyone and assume I know who God has called. Don't be swayed by popular opinion or by the judgments of others. Carry a heart for my brothers.

Lakisa Toelupe

Service manager, Ministry of Social Development

I strongly sense now that we have entered a new season. Being in these prayer events has clarified that for me. I recall when Pastor Josiah stated in Matthew where Jesus demanded figs, but the tree bore no fruit. This scripture is relevant to the season of harvest that we are all in now. We are not running in the time of the earth, but are operating and functioning on a kingdom level. I really felt the power of sanctuary as we all prayed on Saturday. God has called all members of the Body of Christ, he is extending his hand to the earth, and this prayer event is one of many manifestations of God working through us. I saw the way new people were talking to us and it was like a veil lifted off their eyes. God is giving us opportunities to express Him through us, and Saturday was a clear example of that. 

Daniel Bernard

Student at Wellington College, Wellington

The Prayer Events held on the 25th Feb and 3rd of March 2017 were unprecedented. The aroma of God that was emitted on both nights was only done by the process of every saint. I could not have stood there in agreement to prayer if I was not personally aware of God's movement. (Pastor) Josiah strongly expressed in his slides Proverbs 15:29 – “The Lord is far from wicked, But He hears the prayer of the righteous." What I heard was that we did not turn up asking God to bless us, nor provide for us at that time, but it is was a heart of pilgrimage and endurance that we offered to God to see us as righteous and hear our cry. It was a great time of engaging with the body of Christ as we had people from all walks of life come through the doors. Levels of ranks, culture and hierarchical positions were disabled as God equalised and geared every saint to be activated - we are walking in a new realm!

Perise Tagataese

Student at Victoria University, Wellington

For me the impact began before we got together to declare.  The preparation towards it was just simply beautiful. The way we inquired and  interacted with each other to offer God our best was beautiful.  There was direction and every part moved seamlessly. Then everyone began to come and Pastor Josiah moving with Spirit of God began to set the stage for began to stir every saints heart.  You can feel the atmosphere in its preparation towards our declaration in prayer. I had a picture of people coming from North, South, West, East....they came from all corners of the earth as we declared HARVEST is NOW and the fields are ripe!!! 

Ernest Bernard

Auditor, Manawatu-Whanganui

I love how God is building our faith up through not so logical situations. This is adding substance to the core from which God is clearly invading the hearts of those who are seeking him. This Apostolic building in our inner man is the substance of being a governmental prayer and we are witnessing people being calibrated up into apostolic decree. This is what is encouraging as Gods people get caught up in the prayer and are energized to go after God in a new way. Awesome!

Adam Wharehinga

Student at Victoria University, Wellington

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