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Project Heritage


To elevate children into full maturity through realisation of their significance in God through local and global community life.



Project Heritage secures the seed by providing a clear trajectory of maturity through educators, parents and caregivers who firstly present authentic living examples of the current truth and principles of the Word of God.  What we teach is what God has processed inside of us first and what God is saying to us at the current time


Project Heritage values and equips each child with correct perspective of their significance in God.  We build and empower character, deep sense of responsibility, heart of diligence, enduring faith, un-quenching passion and strong personal connection with God and with our brothers. 


Project Heritage values and deeply appreciates the intimate stance of each child and God through worship and prayer. 



  • To elevate correct perspective of children’s significance and worth in God.

  • To establish strong partnerships with families and communities locally and globally to provide accurate patterns of life for children to follow.

  • To reach full maturity at every phase of a child’s development. 

  • To build children of character and wisdom representing relevant response in all life’s circumstances.

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