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Engagement Interaction Samoa

15 September 2017

Seals have been broken! Doors have been flung wide open! With the activation of Surge 2 comes new sight, new hope for what is to come and a new profound love for all the things of God. Opportunities are within our grasp. 


Upcoming Engagement Interaction in America Samoa - Pagopago on the 13th September and Samoa - Apia on the 15th September. 

Engagement Interaction - Upcoming

May - June 2017

Engaging the body of Christ


Fulfilling God's ultimate purpose by engaging all the leaders and saints.  Each region has been selected accordingly and all the Regional Coordinators are equipped to run at the speed of God.  Starting strong and finishing strong.

Prayer Event 2017

4 March 2017

The season of InGathering

We are in the season of 'INGATHERING' where God has spoken and there is a grace released from God for us to do all that is in His heart.  For us to complete and to do all that is in the heart of God, is for us to walk in FAITH where logical thinking no longer exists and our only way forward is to live in the spiritual realm.  In the spirit realm, what we used to do before or what we have achieved is no longer valid. 

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