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Learn about our WD MyCloud

In short DC is home to a 6TB (6 Terrabyte) device that is connected to the local nework within DC premises, and also connected to the internet.

As of today 28th July 2015, DC has Business Fibre Optic Cable connecting us to the internet. This enables most users to connect to our MyCloud and download files at approximately 12.5MB per second. If you also had fibre installed at your own house, it would be possible for you to upload as fast to the same MyCloud from your home.


Sectors within DC will have access to their own Shared Folder, with each individuals own username and password based on your email. Or, identical to your Office365 account for which you will also recieve information too.


This video will guide you on installing the Desktop App for windows, connecting to the MyCloud, uploading and Downloading.

Individual people related to sectors in DC will gain access on their mobile, laptop and desktop devices through access codes which are one off and expire.




DC is developing OwnCloud.

Owncloud can share from Office365, DropBox and everything. Its fully ours to manage. Details will come out soon however it is anticipated to replace the WD MyCloud mentioned on this page. If there is any accounts with files accumilated on WD MyCloud by this time, they will simply be migrated to the new OwnCloud.

OwnCloud is more effective as it brings together other dropbox, office365, storage spaces into one interface.


Or go straight to DC's Owncloud: owncloud.davidiccentre.org


Note: Owncloud is still in testing and when you first browse to the service hosted at DC, your webbrowser will come up with a security error. This is normal because it usually requires DC to purchase a security certificate to the value of $400 upward.

It is purchased from someone called Verisign, look them up.

Since we are still trialing, we will hold off that purchase until we are satisfied. Until then, you will have to add a security exception.

Every web browser is slightly different. I will post guides on the popular web browsers here.



Internet Explorer 11


See if there is some maintenance if you think something wrong. Check the Tech Blog



  • Drag and drop of folders only works in Google Chrome

  • I Set 10GB upload for when your at DC only. DONT upload 10GB from your house.




Add Security exception in IE 11